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Industrial Services
Before you approve a drawing/design for a New pharma Plant get a 2nd opinion from us .
You may be able to save lacs in subsequent operation cost.


All the above are purely Guidelines or a set of general Principles that must be observed during Manufacturing of the product and not instructions on how to manufacture products.

Every Company has the right to determine the most effective and efficient quality process to comply with these guidelines. Your product can be declared substandard if it is not manufactured as per applicable guidelines.

. Need a Quality system Upgradation to meet WHO/ USFDA/TGA/MHRA ANVISA/MCC/ISO standards without emptying your pockets

. Need to improve your manufacturing process efficiency by selecting suitable machinery.

. Need to increase Batch size without going in for too many costly trials.

Scaling up can be a costly affair if you do not know the equipment characteristics, limitations and hazards, leading to too many trial batches and consequent wastage of costly Raw Materials

. Need to improve your product quality / suspension stability/emulsion clarity/tablet

. Need to upgrade your technology /Plant

. Need to verify your audit compliance/dossier preparation/ training/validation/Qualification

. Need to develop new pharma/neutraceutical formulation/

. Need to troubleshoot product complaint/root cause analysis

. Need to establish critical Control Parameters for every product

. Need to know the efficiency of your present operation and means to improve plant efficiency

. Need proof reading of your product Manuals, literatures, brochures ,GMP Documents etc.

PHEONIX Pharma Cunsultancy can help you to achieve all of the above at reasonable cost.
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